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This totally made my day

My awesome cousin Angela sent me a note this morning that she googled "squibix" to see whether it was a word we made up (Answer: yes, Dan made it up.) And she found that someone else, someone we DONT KNOW is reading our blog. And posted about it on her blog. Re-tweeted if you will. But in blog form. uhhhh.... blogrolled? Gosh I'm old.

This made my day, until I realized the mention was from 2006.... oh well, so we can't expect our traffic to skyrocked tomorrow. But then I read the description she posted of our blog, and it made me laugh out loud. Is this how you would describe us?

The Squibix family blog is something I just srumbled upon today. I have not had a chance to delve too deeply into the archives, but I love the opening page. In it the mother describes just how lousy she is at all things encompassing her life. She claims she is a lousy wife, a negligent car owner, a less than stellar manager. These are all things that run through my mind, but reading it about somebody elses takes the pressure off of me and lends just a tid bit of comfort to know other peole struggle with the daily basics.



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