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Dear brand manager for Trader Joe's pita

We recently purchased some pita for our weekly bible study, and I have to admit that I'm a bit confused about your branding conventions. Here's the regular pita bag:

And here's the bag for the wheat pita:

Apocryphal pita. Apocryphal pita? Um, are we sure on what apocryphal means? I'm pretty sure the real definition is something like "of dubious origins" or "doubtful of the original source" or if you're being generous "non-canonical" Is that the take-home message you want associated with your wheat pita?

Dan surmises that there's a pun in there about a-pocket-full, which I admit is rather clever if you happen to be in the 1% of the population who picked up on it. On the other hand, what percent of the population knows what apocryphal means?

Still, there's this old SATs trick where if you don't know the real definition of a word you say to yourself "Is it a good word? or a bad word?" That should at least get you half-way on the multiple choice. Anyway, Apocryphal falls into "bad word" category, I think. Pita? Good word. I have cognitive dissonance.

Leah, lover of pita

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