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Great Entertainment at Surprisingly Low Prices

So I'm on the computer at 5am this morning watching Glee while pumping out a breast (can I get a woop woop from all my momeez in da house?) and in the process I'm finding myself charmed by a series of Target commercials that are cheerfully paying for the content I'm streaming. In this particular one (played twice over the Glee episode) a mommy and daddy argue about the christmas budget while trying to preserve for their youngin the magic of Santa. There's something so funny about the way that the momma cuts off her husband by saying "Maybe Santa doesn't need any help doing Santa's job" that I quoted the commercial to my husband verbatim when he woke up.

So yeah. Two days without TV and this is what I've come to. Watching commercials on the internet and LOVING IT. This is like the methadone stage of cable withdrawal.


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