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like it's 1999

On Saturday night we attended a cool-kid party with our young friends (Happy Birthday Amy!!!) which featured card games and staying up past our bed-time and immense amount of sugary candy. Since we normally live as chemical-deprived ascetics, Dan and I fell pray to the temptation of pre-packaged treats, devouring york patties and M&Ms and rice-krispy treats covered in neon-blue frosting. Then we drove to pick up our baby all the while licking our lips and wincing and saying,

"Do you have a bad taste in your mouth?"
"Bad taste, my teeth are sizzling in decay."
"That frosting was to much. Food doesn't come in that color."
"I feel like my tongue took a Roofie."
"My teeth are like fuzzy. I didn't think teeth could get that dirty."
"Why isn't there a sink and toothbrush in this car?"
"If I had one dream it would be to be brushing my teeth RIGHT NOW!"

Then we picked up the baby, and as we drove home we continued our conversation on the unpleasantness of sugar in our mouths. In total I think we spent 45 minutes on the topic. Well, that and imagining what was happening at the party in our absence.

"I bet they're still eating and playing games."
"I bet they stay up till MIDNIGHT at it."

Oh God. We are so old.


It wasn't quite that lame. While we mentioned the effects of the candy several times over the 45 minutes, the discussion was far from continuous and touched on a number of other topics as well.

You're probably right Dan. At my age it's my memory that's going...

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