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A Nod from the Bike Snob!

Holy brush with stardom, internet! I've been mentioned in this post by our favorite blogger Bike Snob NYC! Under the distinguished honor of people who will not be winning a bike this week. I'll take it!

UPDATE: In the comments wishiwasmerckx said:

As for Leah Archibald, I watched that whole video waiting for that baby to give me stock tips like in that Super Bowl commercial, but...nothing. What a slacker that tyke is.

Also, the crackhead took everything except the damn dog, who kept parading through the shot.

wishiwasmerckx my friend, the damn dog is a feature, not a bug :)

Video embedded for those too lazy to visit the other blog:


This is truly the most exciting thing to happen to Harvey since he pooped that green poop the other day.

Actually, the new bath toys were pretty exciting. Especially the orange one. He likes orange.

Some couples talk. We post comments on each others' blog posts.

oh we also talk...

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