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a treadmill of one sort or another

Prior to Harvey I had one hobby. Exercise. And boy did I exercise. I was a self-proclaimed gym rat. The kind of person who waxes eloquent about aerobic training zones and VO2max. The kind of person who feels just a bit "off" if she doesn't get in five good hours of spin class a week. The kind of person who won't eat ice cream on Friday night because she doesn't want to spoil her "long run" on Saturday.

Yeah. I was "that" girl.

I lifted weights.

Leah shows off her muscles

hardcore on the honeymoon

I ran a marathon.

Leah pre-marathon

I'll smoke you all

And (although I wouldn't condone this sort of thing for anyone trying to follow Jesus) I did yoga. a LOT yoga.

Leah does some yoga by a waterfall

careful where you open those chakras!

Then came Harvey. And now on Saturday mornings instead of going to the gym I find myself doing a different set of calisthenics in the nursery. I lift the baby, I put the baby down. I try to keep the baby from falling on his face while I assemble a laundry load of pocket-style diapers.

Leah makes diapers while handling Harvey with her feet

works all core muscle groups

And crazy though it may sound to anyone who knew me in my previous life, I'm thinking about quitting the gym. What have I become? Someone who values thrift over thrust? wallet over weight set? vet bills over treadmills?

The rational part of my brains says: It's fifty bucks a month. I get there about once a week. Otherwise, I managed to lose fifty pounds off of breast-feeding and walking the dog.

So I ask, is it worth half a c-note for 30 minutes on the rowing machine once a week? Or the peace of mind that I HAVE somewhere to go when it's raining outside and the baby is screaming inside? Is that worth $600 a year? Does that fall into the "cheaper than a divorce" category? Or the "stop being so selfish and pay off your loans" category?

I'll think about it while I'm making diapers.


You had to mention a rowing macine, didn't you? You could always buy one for the house. :-)

But the gym I go to has such a wonderful CONCEPT2 ROWING MACHINE with a great smooth ride and a helpful heads-up display that lets me know my output... is it true that I could get one of those INCREDIBLE MACHINES for my home???

Is it true Meredith???

It's true! It's true! :-) Great for workout out with baby nearby... we hear it all the time. The kid watches you slide back & forth and hypnotically goes to sleep!

"thrift over thrust? wallet over weight set? vet bills over treadmills?"

Excellent word play; could be made into a rap.

Babson's got a free gym with your name on it.

Oh, and it has Concept 2 rowers!

AMAZING yoga photo. What's the deal with yoga vs. Jesus? why should they be mutually exclusive? Yoga is not a religion. it can help enhance any religion.

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