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You may ask us why we call ourselves anarchists

I have a lot to write about today, but alas also a lot of meetings. So instead I'll post a quote from today's entry on Jesus Radicals. Apparently as I slept someone over there captured my stream of consciousness and transcribed it more eloquently.

No anarchist of sound mind holds either that government does not exist or ought not to exist, etymology notwithstanding...

Anarchists would want more government if that means the Department of Agriculture helping to initiate independent producer and consumer cooperatives instead of supporting vertical integration of farms into ever bigger and more powerful conglomerates. Government could favor open-pollinated seed sharing instead of forcing farmers around the world to buy new patented hybrid seed for each planting to enrich Monsanto. Government could facilitate worker buy-outs of small industries with no-interest loans...

But conversely, anarchists want much less if that means racist prisons and war.


That's one of the coolest things I've ever read. We need a link to that post on the masthead! This is my favorite part:

"We favor spontaneity over predictability, initiative and invention over tried-and-true patterns and personal responsibility over delegation."

Yeah! Preach it!

Leave it to anarchists to not accept a definition of anarchy. That is a nice post, but by definition, an anarchist would not want more government, period.

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