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What's craftin around here

- Updated this post with a cute picture of Lily in a felt headband.

- Made a baby-sized baseball cap for baby Noah which do to the timeliness of babyhood eluded photography.

- Made some gifts for Gramma Bef and baby Grace which should soon be photographed. (with help from Dan, the only one with a working camera in the house)

- Made some headway (but not enough) on arc animals for Harvey's birthday.

- Finally sent my camera back to the manufacturer for repair. To avoid more posts like this one.

Dan, for his part, made a design for a t-shirt transfer that should be completed as soon as the t-shirt comes out of the dryer, and started on birthday party invitations. Harvey's party is in a week and a half, so hopefully we'll get something in the mail before then.

T-11 to H1! I'm exhausted!


Noah's baseball cap is wonderful! Photo to come.

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