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Jammin the Jams

Almost to the end of independence crafting week, and I feel a bit cheated because really my pictures from yesterday had two crafts in them. In addition to the t-shirt, I also made the shorts Harvey is wearing in those photos. With the recent heat-wave light-weight cotton shorts (Jams really) have proved to be just the thing. So last night I made him another pair.

Harvey posing on a chair

watch out, he can climb now

This time I used two of my old t-shirts from the scrap bin. The yellow one came from my old Santa Monica room-mate KPPM, who got the monkey drinking alcohol masterpiece at the local Goodwill. I wore it hiply many a time, but after I became a mom I felt that a super-tight alcohol-themed tank top no longer jived with my overall image. So I recycled it into these shorts, along with another black t-shirt from the scrap pile.

I'm finding with these shorts that the stiffer and less stretchy the knit, the better (making the green ones from yesterday my preferred pair). Also, I'm not a master pattern draftsman. These shorts are a bit big and the rise is too long, even after altering the pattern to try to compensate for these factors. There's something to be said for buying patterns, I guess. Because this little guy needs a lot of shorts. He's on the move!

Harvey going up the garden stairs

up the stairs that dada built

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