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First Haircut!

The sudden drop of humidity today meant that Harvey woke up with a serious case of bed-head which persisted throughout the morning. I noticed. Dadda noticed. A stranger we passed while walking the dog said, "Look at that HAIR!!!!"

There was no denying it anymore. Somebody needed a haircut.

Harvey's hair: the before picture

hair before

I very cautiously took a comb and clippers, snipping here and trying to keep it as even as I could under the constraints of a twisty turny dodgy baby. I left the top long and only trimmed the sides and the back.

Harvey's hair: the after picture

hair after

I thought I did a pretty good job, although looking at this picture it looks a bit longer on one side. Keep in mind that his curls work differently on the two sides, and also he's cocking his head. I kept asking Dan if I should cut it more on the right (Harvey's left) and he kept saying, "No! Stop cutting! Leave him be!"

What a dapper little boy he is! I think the new hair style really highlights his cheekbones... er.... cheeks!

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