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goooo Pats!

What can I say, besides 'we had em all the way.'

It was a reasonably fun game to watch (though far from the 'best superbowl ever' or whatever Jim Nance called it when he was presenting the trophy), and I can't say I have any objection with the outcome. It was a whole different experience than the championship two years ago, cause this time (and how strange it is) we all had the expectation that the Pats would win it... how could it be otherwise?! So the end result was more satisfaction than jubilation. But it's still very pleasant and satisfying satisfaction, and I wouldn't knock it at all. The Patriots didn't play at their best, but that just goes to show you how good they are, cause they're second-best was enough to beat a pretty good Panthers team.

Leah didn't mention it in her entry, but she watched the game too: she got off work for that express purpose. We sat there for the whole thing and ate home-made french fries and chips and guacamole and Reces penut butter chips, and drank Coronas, and I ate (and drank) too much of those things and felt a little sick by the end. But an asprin and Leah's tender care and some lying down has made me feel as good as new, so now I'm ready to... go to bed.

Oh yeah, we also went to church this morning. That was so long ago! I'll write some about that tomorrow.

- Danny

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