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labor day t-shirt

On Friday I decided that I wanted to make Harvey a very special t-shirt for labor day - something that would represent the hard-fought struggles of labor movements in this country. You know, the stuff we celebrate this weekend by giving everyone a day off... as long as you don't work in retail or food service.

I give you the labor day t-shirt:

the labor day t-shirt

labor unite!

Dan did the design, naturally, and I made the t-shirt and appliqued on the pieces. After I ironed on all the bits it looked so good, I liked it so much, that I couldn't bear the thought of any parts fraying in the wash. So I hand-embroidered around all the pieces. It was 11pm when I started. I went to bed very very late.

t-shirt with a raised fist

labor power

The t-shirt got a lot of positive comments at the weekend's BBQs, although we had to explain several times that the fist was black and not red because we're anarchists not communists. And yes, that may be confusing vis-a-vis black power, but no one would ever accuse this little toe-head of having very much black power.

power to the babies

so white his hair is yellow

Happy Labor Day!!!


Should anyone want to make a shirt like this for themselves or their loved ones, you can find an .eps version of the fist logo here.

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