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23 months is too far apart for Irish twins... shoot!

So now seems about as good a time as any to make an announcement: we're pregnant! Harvey's little brother or sister will be arriving around the end of May 2011, God willing and the crick don't rise.

Actually, if the crick rises it won't be much of a problem either. We're planning a home birth again, so it's not like we have to GET anywhere.

Obviously, we are joyful and tired and giddy and frightened and amazed at our prowess for getting pregnant the moment we decide to. Indeed, this will be part of a future "talk" with Harvey. Watch out boyo, Archibald men have VERY potent seed.

Mostly, my predominating feeling, in addition to hating nausea, is that I like our family a lot and I'm psyched to make it bigger. Almost as psyched as I am to pull out all the baby clothes out of storage and sort them by size.... um, actually, more psyched about the former.


Another baby?! But we were just getting this one to sleep more than four hours at a time!!

(And after she wrote this post, Leah did indeed get a little excited looking at the infant clothes. A little.)


WONDERFUL news! Congrats :)

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