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feeling a little overwhelmed (as always) with my radical homemaking to-do list...

Cold weather is coming; your son needs a hat.
And mittens - don't let him go out without that.
And mittens get lost so knit three in each color
or four, if the two sides differ from each other.

Just two months to Christmas - you'd better get going!
If baby is napping you'd better be sewing!
On serger! On Singer! Quilts, toys, all the above!
He's old enough now; he'll remember your love.

Once Christmas is over three birthdays come quickly.
And new baby's growing, so if you feel sickly
remember it's only a sign that you're due
to very soon take on clothes making for two!

It gives you such joy to live out your true function
and take back from industry means of production.
That's why I marked this as your "personal time" hour
which looks like it's ending — so go clean the shower!

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