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Drumlin Farms

Now that we're members of the Massachusetts Audubon society we can head over to Drumlin Farms whenever we want! Which is what we did this Saturday. They were having a pumpkin picking festival, so Harvey got to play on a hay-bale obstacle course with help from Dan.

dan helps harvey on the obstacle course

allez up!

2nd shot on the obstacle course

we made it!

We also took a tractor ride around the fields, which would have been lovely except for an absolutely insufferable yuppy prick who spent the ENTIRE time describing VERY LOUDLY to his friends the trappings of his luxurious lifestyle: his recent trip to Paris, how he skips the coach line in airports, and many many minutes devoted to his high-tech shower chamber that shoots water either from the walls or straight down from the ceiling "like it's raining!" You can even customize the water temperature digitally. He likes it at 102 degrees but his wife likes it at 105. Three degrees makes a BIG difference, they both agreed.

In the spirit of non-judgement, I'll just say that at least my boys are very very cute.

harvey and dadda on a tractor ride

the boys

The cold analog showers must be working for somebody.

Because of all the a-holes crowding the place up for their weekly slumming Harvey didn't get a chance to play on the old-fashioned tractor. But I'll include a picture from our previous trip, since I didn't blog that one. Did I mention we're members of the Audubon society now? All trips are free!

harvey on a tractor at drumlin farms

"mama! dacdoo!"


It's true, that dude was out of control. You couldn't have scripted a more douchey monologue if you tried. We still had fun, though.

Also, earlier I transcribed Harvey's favorite motor vehicle as "dactew", whereas Leah went with "dactoo". On reflection, I think hers is better.

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