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Mitzvahs and new pants

We went to a Batmitzvah this weekend, and while I had hoped to come home with a picture of Harvey spinning around in neon sunglasses and a plastic top-hat, such a thing was not meant to be. The music and the older children were a bit too overwhelming for him, so he spent most of the time grabbing onto mama or running around the quiet outdoors. Here's a shot of the latter:

harvey playing outside

up? up?

For the occasion he wore a second-hand button-down shirt and some new pants hot off mama's sewing machine. I cut the pieces from some old cargo pants of mine that no longer fit and added a green band around the top to hold the elastic. I made Harvey pull up his shirt in this picture to display the contrast edging:

harvey displaying his new pants

an obedient model

The benefits of this pant-making method are of course that
1) recycled material means almost no cost (although I'll admit that it's a hard thing to keep enough elastic in the house), and
2) pre-made cargo pockets make them look not quite so home-made.

Also, obviously, pants take less time to make when you don't have to make the pockets. On the other hand, fitting a pattern piece onto a pre-made garment is kind of a bear, so there's 6 of one...

The best part of the event though was getting to see my two handsome boys all dressed up.

harvey and dan playing

Aren't they the cutest?


Wow, he's cute! The baby isn't bad looking either.

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