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more super bowl observations

It seems that other people liked the game, as a game and spectacle, more than I did. Bob Ryan's column in the Globe is headlined 'Perhaps best Super Bowl ever played,' so I guess folks liked it. Sure, it was eventful and exciting, but I'm with Ty Law: 'It was a horrifying game.' I guess that just means I like defense better than offense; and since I wanted to see the Patriots defense step up and dominate, I was horrified along with the members of the secondary when the Panthers kept making those long passes. On the other hand all those sacks were awful nice, and the offense wasn't bad either. And, it was a win. So overall I may have to revise my initial impression and say it wasn't a bad game after all. By next year when I see the NFL Films Presents movie of it, I may well agree with the 'greatest game ever' hype. At least for that half hour, anyways.

Of course, getting nearly as much press as the game itself today is Janet Jackson's breast. Yes, it was a breast, and yes, it was clearly a deliberate move on Justin's part to expose it. 'Wardrobe malfunction,' pah. But I, for one, don't see what was the big deal: my decency was not offended, and I can't imagine how anyone else's could have been either. For goodness sakes, hasn't everyone seen nursing mothers before?! Breast, and even nipples, are not dirty or indecent and if your morality is offended by the presence of one on tv for the merest fraction of a second, you've got problems. That said, anything that means we'll never have to watch a silly halftime show like that again can't be all bad in my book.

And in case you didn't notice, they were so lip-synching.

- Danny

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