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bits and pieces

As Dan mentioned in a previous post we recently consolidated my sewing workshop with Dan's office to give Harvey a room all his own. I haven't come close to organizing my sewing supplies yet, because every time I try to move something, I think, hey, just a few snips here and a few stitches there and this fabric will be all used up and out of this room! And then there I go, snipping and stitching, only in 20 minute bursts between child-rearing, and wouldn't you know it for a solid week there's a heaping mess all over the floor 4 times as big as when I started. But then in the end a small bit of something used up and turned into something else. So, er, progress? In our world it is.

closeup of the scrappy fleece quilt

gone with a whole bag of fleece!

My former sewing space had a whole shelf full of fleece and pieces of fleece. After making Noah's cow last week and cutting some ear-warmers for next Christmas (I know, ambitious) I realized that most of the rest of the scrap pieces were too small to be usable on their own. So I went at the whole pile, cutting what was there into strips and sewing the bits together however they would fit. The result is this rather haphazard baby quilt.

We know three babies coming in the spring, so I was hoping to add this to my pile of shower gifts. Unfortunately, I think the randomness and complete lack of form in this quilt means it needs to be destined for a particularly hippy type of family. As I was trying to put it somewhere for a photo shoot I was thinking: who has a mish-mash fug-clectic house where this would fit? And then it dawned on me. We do.

quilt staged in our living room

We have a mish-mash fug-clectic house.

Note how the huge spherical cow pillow matches the lamb toy on the floor. That was totally planned.

Still, I'm not attached to keeping this for little baby Archibald. So if anyone wants this one, please speak up.

In an effort to make something more classy for the upcoming babies I dove into my pile of patterns and put together a soft fuzzy bunny.

stuffed bunny close up

dapper bunny fuzz face

This bunny that I made for Harvey last Easter is perhaps my favorite thing I have sewn for him ... ever. It's just the perfect size for a little person to love and cuddle, and it fits so snuggly under his arm when he falls asleep. Also, it makes a nice shelf decoration in baby's room if you happen to have a certain fug-clectic hippy style. (I also made some as wedding gifts. A versatile pattern this one.) So the other night I threw this guy together out of an old cashmere-blended scarf. Nothing against this scarf in particular, I just never wore it because I have A LOT of scarves. Maybe I always thought it would make a better bunny.

bunny on horsey

ride em cowboy

The tail comes from the fringe that was originally on the scarf, which was a nice bonus. I still have more scarf left, but no more fringe, so this might become a set with a little lamb to match.

This blog post is becoming rather long, but there's still one more project I made last week. This also used up scrap, but the point wasn't so much to use up the scrap as it was to keep Harvey's pants up. I give you the frat boy baby belt:

frat boy belt on Harvey

scooter? Mary this is a vespa!

It's a little wider than I would like, but that comes from barely measuring and whipping the whole thing up in less than 20 minutes. It's got a single D-shaped loop in the front, and the rest of the belt just gets stashed under his pant loops. All in all, a big amateur act, but that's fine. The point is to hold up his jeans during the three or so weeks when his 4T Gap pants are too snug to close at the fly all the way. Pretty soon that belly fat will shoot all down his legs, he'll get an inch taller, and his pants will suddenly fit again, albeit rolled down. Life with a toddler is a moving target.

harvey in his new belt, front shot

So slowly and surely we're making progress over here. A year ago I wouldn't have thought I could have turned out 3 finished projects on the fly in one week. I also would have never believed I'd let a plastic scooter into my house, but it's been a very snowy stir-crazy couple of days here, and yesterday I found myself not only retrieving said scooter from the porch but giving it a shower to get off all the stray bits of ice. So yeah, that's a very clean scooter. It showered with me yesterday.

And here's one last picture I had to include even though it doesn't show anything particularly crafty. This is my little boy holding onto his bike in a pose that's all Dan, with a WTF expression on his face that's so familiar it's as if I'm looking into a mirror. Man I love that little boy.

harvey in a wtf pose

uh, mom? are we done here?

That dog barrooing in the background isn't too bad either.


Look at that living room: lavish and sun-drenched, even in the winter!

Oh yeah, nice crafts too.

Is Harvey wearing size 4T pants?

I'm the wrong one to ask: I thought he was only up to 3T, but then again while I may wear the pants in the family, I don't buy them. Or organize them. In any case, most of his trousers are too tight around the middle and too long in the legs; he's kind of spherical, I suppose. At least he now knows how to say "roll pants?" before he trips over his cuffs.

Wow, my kids really are small. My 4year old is still wearing size 2T.

Well, we expect that he'll still be wearing what he's got now for the next five years or so. Archibald children are not known for their height, just their toddler girth.

I'd say he's got some girth. I saw that picture of him in that orange 4T shirt.

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