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country mice adventure into the big city

We took Harvey to the Boston Children's museum on Saturday. The outing was the brilliant brainchild of my brother's significant other, a lovely molecular biologist who said she needed to borrow my son so she could play in a room full of bubbles. And yes, it was just as awesome as you can imagine a room full of bubbles to be.

bubble exhibit at boston's childrens museum


Not to mention fun with rolling balls.

ball exhibit at boston's childrens museum

upee unkoo Jake!

For Harvey, however the best part of the whole adventure was riding the train to and from the museum. At first he was convinced it was a bus, and at every stop he asked excitedly, "more peepoo on bus?" To which we would reply, "Yes, more people are getting on the TRAIN." I don't really understand how he got the distinction in his mind... he's never been on either a train OR a bus before, but I found myself saying things like, "Yes smart boy, the subway is a train that looks very much like a bus on the inside." For the rest of the afternoon whenever we were walking above ground Harvey would say, "More on bus? More on bus? More... on TRAIN???" Here he is holding onto the bar like a real pro:

harvey's first train ride

Havey hote.

After bidding a sorrowful farewell to Jake's girlfriend who starts a new fancy job in Israel next week, we boarded the train for home, neurons fried with all the excitement of the big city. On the way out the station Harvey called out "Bye train!" several times. Golly Harvey, at this rate you're gonna turn your mother into somebody who goes places!

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