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wait till next year

As Amanda alluded to on her blog this morning, she is totally just as pregnant as I am and still going ahead and getting a shipment of baby chicks any day now. Jealous much? YES! YES I AM! I WANT MY CHICKENS!!!

The other day my Dad called me out of the blue and said, "I think you should get chickens. I'll finance the coop if you give me eggs."

And I was all, "TOTALLY! Let's do it! There's probably still time to order chicks if I can find myself a local feed store..."

And Dan was all, "Oh my goodness you crazy plow-aheads. What are you genetically related or something? Think for a second!"

The truth is that we're not quite equipped for chickens this year. There's the issue of erecting an expensive coop, yes, but more importantly we need to fence in our yard to keep the predators out. That's quite a big project, and something we've been talking about, well, I've been talking about, since we moved into this house six some years ago. This year I'm finally digging in my heals and demanding a fence for my 30th birthday. Once we have a fence in place, we should be able to get coop and run infrastructure in place for next year.

Of course, there's the crazy part of my brain that says throw caution to the winds and order some chicks today! They're so darn cute! That's where the reality of my pregnancy comes in, combined with Dan's firm warning that if I buy chickens this year I will be dealing with them ALONE, shoveling out their coop by myself ALL WINTER without ANY HELP from him. Not something I'm super excited about with a bitty baby on my back. So yeah, I guess we'll, as they say, wait till next year and hope. That's what I get for marrying someone rational.

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