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rain falls

Now we have some weather here, and ain't it nice. It was gray and cool all day, and at about 3:00 it started raining. It was weak, but something anyways. And after the sun set it started up again, and now it's just like real rain! I'm glad it's cool out, cause we've had the dehumidifier on all day to dry out some clothes, and man does that thing pump out the hot air. Where I'm sitting by the window (and where I sat all day) is just about perfect, cool on the one side and hot on the other, but I don't know about when it's time to go to bed...

The reason I sat in the same spot all day is I finally got everything set up properly so I can get some real work done, and I did so. So far most of it has been renumerative work that's not particularly interesting to the majority of folks, but I did (finally!) put together the page of Leah's paintings, and I'll put in on the site as soon as she gets home and I can ask her the title to one of them (which I forgot) and also make sure she likes the page. Next I hope to get together a few Santa Monica pictures, and then after that I may even try to start writing things again. I'm even thinking about another go at the words! Such optimism... I hope it lasts.

Leah has some good news and some sad news, but maybe she wants to write about it herself, so I'll leave that to her.

- Danny

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