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I finally got my pictures from last weekend off the stupid camera. It seems I've filled up most of my laptop's memory with rambling baby videos which are impossible to delete, so in order to continue taking and posting pictures I have to hurry out and buy an additional hard drive which is, you know, the kind of errand I'm simply jumping to do 2 weeks postpardom when there's also no food in the house. Anyway, Dan helped me delete some non-Harvey videos last night and now I finally have photos to show.

Last Saturday we went to our local 4H fair and plant sale.

Harvey standing next to a calf


Harvey met a baby cow ("calf" they're apparently called in adult language) who came up just to his eye level. They could be great friends, these two, as they share a similar interest... eating.

a cow drinking from a big bottle of milk

nom nom nom

I didn't get any pictures of Zion sleeping in the bjorn, but I assure you it looked something like this

Zion asleep in the sling


Dan headed off to look at the plants whle Harvey and I visited the animals. I didn't snap any more animal pics, however, because 4H had set up a table with supplies for NEEDLE FELTING!!! I've always wanted to try needle felting in a casual way which didn't involve me purchasing my own sharp needles and roving, so of course I dove right in. So much fun! I wish 4H started at 2 years old instead of 5.... why do they deny me, er I mean my son, access? Anyway, Dan had to come back and remind me to give the kids a turn with the craft supplies.

So hurray for the start of the summer fair season, and for plants and animals and this sweet little baby face

Zion making a cute face on the bed

love me?


dude the flannel shirt on Harvey is killer. and ooohhhhh that little baby face, I could just eat him up mmmmmm.

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