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Harvey-ese evolving

Long gone are the days when Harvey said "Gi-gup" (origin unknown) in place of "take this." Now when he wants to be rid of a cup he says "Mama want it" and holds the thing out at arm's length.

For politeness sake, he has also stopped saying "moof" (or move) to everything in his way. He now says "coo-me" as in "coo-me table, coo-me dis." At the beginning I found this adorable, since it came at the same time as "thanks" and a well timed "thanks mama" can mean the difference between a rotten morning and a lovely one. Now, however, "Coo-me mama" is something I hear a bit too frequently, and it is often answered with "Excuse YOU! I was sitting here first!" On the other hand, I did crack a rather large smile the other day when we were downstairs doing the laundry and Harvey, in an effort to reach the detergent and pour it all over the floor, looked at the baskets in the way and said, "cu-me mama's 'aundy."

Some other phrases reveal exciting new cognitive developments for Harvey, like the ability to make similar comparisons. Dis-similar comparisons came months ago, like when he would hold a lego and a duplo and say "little one - big big one!" But the other day Harvey put one foot up on a rock and said "Havey like statue man!" Impressive. It's less exciting when used as a bedtime stalling tactic, though. When Zion was about two weeks old Harvey lay awake in bed sending out all the regular stalling lures: "I'm Awake! Mama I'm awake! Havey wan some wadah!" when he boldly shouted out "I'm cryin like baby Zion, WAAAAAA!"

I told this story to his grandmother, by the way, and she said "oooh. poor baby. Did you go in and hug him?" And I was like, "Pssh! Or course not! He's supposed to be going to sleep!" Distance from parenting breeds sympathy with the children, apparently.

When we aren't too exhausted that it's irritating, Harvey says some pretty cute things while he's yelling himself to sleep "Dada, what's happening?" and "It's time for bangin' a drum!" and sometimes just "I'm all done!"

No Harvey, it's 8pm. I'm all done.

We should be commended that the exclamation Harvey turns to these days is "Oh my goodness!" or "Oh my gracious!" and not something stronger. Although he has turned to saying "That was easier" about everything, and I have no idea what he's trying to say by that.

But I have confidence that one day all will be revealed. Harvey was talking about "deena dina doony" for a long time before we realized my mother showed him a cartoon called "Teeny Tiny Tony." Really, it was cuter when we though he was making it up.

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