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can only think in lists today...

Things that are making me happy today:

- Cooler air!
- The view of our bright pink rhododendron bush, as seen from the hammock.
- The smell of my sweet baby's head.
- The unabashed cuddle of a big boy when it's his turn alone on my lap.
- How extreme exhaustion makes it feel okay to be lazy.

Things that are stressing me out today:

- Books with dust jackets that make it impossible to hold and turn the pages with one hand.
- Empty dust jackets on the floor masquerading as books.
- The oven all reaching into my back pocket for my wallet (only lights half the time, wtf?)
- How hard it is to vacuum upstairs when nobody sleeps at the same time.
- Too many things scheduled for every single weekend in June.

On balance, cooler weather and happy babies beat out messy house today.


the cooler weather is keeping me from going insane over my messy house ;) I'm working on reminding myself that the kids are only this little (and messy?) once and I'd better not miss it. Plus 2 of us are feeling yuck, so whatever. and I HATE DUST JACKETS. sorry just had to say that. they ALWAYS fall off and get in the way and junk up the bookshelf. Then I have guilt about throwing them away

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