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appliqued onesies

It's been challenging finding time to sew these days. Zion decided he will only nap when strapped to my chest, and I simply can't cut out a pattern straight on the fold with only one hand.

I can, however, complete tiny finicky projects like cutting out shapes and sewing them onto onesies. Which, incidentally, is the only thing I got done this week other than folding diapers.

Zion modeling his raised-fist onesie

young revolutionary

I got 3 onesies for $.30 thanks to a Target gift card from one of Dan's students. All the contrasting fabric came from recycled t-shirts in my stash, making this a very cheap project.

Zion modeling his no-cars onesie

although sadly also too young to bicycle

I have one more blank onesie to embellish. Any ideas?


The applique design is of course very similar to the one on Harvey's shirt last year; just smaller and flipped so it shows a right-handed fist, as it should. That was a mistake last time. The .eps of the original design is still here (or rather, is there again) should anyone want it.

Make a gonzo fist and see who notices the difference!

I... had not ever heard of such a thing. And if it weren't for wikipedia I wouldn't have known that that green thing was a peyote button; I've never in my sheltered life actually seen one. Learn something new every day!

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