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the long awaited fence project begins!

A very large pile of lumber arrived at our house this week.

Harvey sitting on a pile of fence boards

waitin for work to begin

It looked like a big job, for sure, but as we learned in church this weekend "the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in [your] hand." (Zechariah 4. Dave interpreted the verse much more helpfully than what I got from reading Zechariah on my own last week, which was "blah, blah, blah, blah I saw some weird stuff, blah blah." But I digress.)

On Saturday my dad came over and did the very important task of cutting all the 12-foot posts in half. Then him, Dan, and Harvey put in something like 6 lengths of fence.

Dan and Ira working

daddas hard at work

Our Bible Study crew (God bless them!) all came over on Sunday to continue the work. The men worked hard from afternoon till evening.

all the boys working together

getting a little help from our friends... okay A LOT!

...while the ladies rested in the shade and, er, took care of our babies. Yeah, that's what we were doing. Women's work. That's the ticket.

ladies resting in the shade

watching the babies, as if that were work!

The menfolk hit a bit of a snag around the bushes where the ground is rockier and uneven. Harvey had fun being around the guys and playing in the bushes, thought. Two of his most favorite things!

harvey playing while the fence is going up

hide and sneek peek!

Around 5pm us women left for an hour to walk the dog and children, and when we came back to find work still pursuing apace we realized more food would be necessary, so we threw together a mad scramble dinner amidst the din of fussing babies. For some reason it didn't occur to me in advance to plan two meals for this gathering... having already made a pasta salad for their lunch/snack, a big bowl of pasta was out of the question. After a few minutes of staring in panic at my pantry shelves I came up with cous-cous and veggies, glazed carrots, and chicken-cheese-quesadillas. The latter was made from chicken nuggets which I had in the freezer. It made me feel very mid-western to heat up some chicken nuggets, throw then into a wrap with some cheese and call it cooking. Ditto for chucking canned artichokes and chick peas into a box of instant cous-cous. But hey, dinner for 8 in 30 minutes made me feel very accomplished.

The best part? Waking up to this beautiful sight.

beautiful fence behind the garden

ahhh. Now THAT looks like a farm!

Of course, it doesn't fence anything in or out quite yet. After 28 man-hours this weekend we still have something like 2/3 of the fence to complete. Still, it's a LOT more fun when other people help.


Yay for help! And Yay for fence!

wow, THAT already looks amazing. also I am still cracking up about the midwestern chix nugget wraps. very true and funny and yummy sounding.

and hooray for couscous. mmmmm couscous

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