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Happy Birthday to Judy!

Well, this title is one day late because Judy's birthday was yesterday, but it's the thought that counts or so they say. To celebrate the birthday girl, Dan and i got tooken out to dinner by his parents. I hope one day when we're older and financially solvent we'll actually be able to take people out to dinner for their birthdays, and like pay for it an all, and it won't be quite so embarassing getting taken out on the birthday-girl's bank account. But it all works out because Dan made an INCREDIBLE chocolate cake, and i even broke me Lentin fast to have a piece. (I told Dan earlier that day: "It's been useless giving up chocolate this month, and i may as well quit, because it's been over two weeks so far and my skin hasn't at all improved." He informed me that this is not what Lent is about.)

The Mexican restaurant we went to was very small and authentic. They even had a chef pounding out the salsa right in view of our table! I ordered a Burrito, which was the best burrito i ate since our trip to REI in California (not counting the one this summer in P-town made from tofu/peanut-sauce, because that's just not fair.) Anyway, last night i broke my Dad's most important rule to live by which is:
Never eat anything bigger than your head.
This was the biggest burrito i ever saw, but it was soooooooooooo good it managed to miraculously all fit in my belly.

Dan's stomach hurt him this morning when we woke up, but he had nachos in addition so he wins. I ran this morning, so my metabolism is feeling better, and i just called dan who say's he's sledding, so i guess everything is back to normal in our bodies.

But getting back to the subject of this post:
Happy Birthday Mom!
We love you!
Thank You for being the best mom ever to Dan and Tom and also to me, your Johney-come-lately of a daughter.

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