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they're here!

Around noon today an unmarked car pulled up in front of our house. At first I thought it was someone stopping by our neighbors, but when a woman emerged carefully carrying a cardboard box it was clear she came to make a delivery. Door to door chicken service! Now that's fancy, Bedford post office.

chicken mailing box

they're here!

The box was peeping and shaking as I held it. Very exciting. I took it to the table and under Harvey and Dan's watchful eyes I opened the lid.

chickens inside their box

why, hello!

Four healthy and happy little birds! We moved them quickly to their new home where they found the water and food right away. No need to dunk their beaks in water to get them started. They're no dummies, these Barred Rocks.

4 chickens inside their house

hungry little guys... i mean gals.

Appologies for the fuzzy photographs. They're under a red heat lamp now, and I plan to give them a little "down" time from their trip in the mail before scooping them up into Harvey's hands for portraits. Soon, though. Soon.

close up of 2 chickens

too cute!

My goodness they're cute!


I've been waiting for this announcement all day - yay!

I just want to note, for the record, that getting chickens was totally my idea. Unless it goes terribly wrong; in that case it was all Leah.

And yes, the little guys—gals, I mean—sure are cute! Stop by and visit them if you're in the area!

They are so cute!!!! Do you need a South African au pair to help with chicken care?

the kids loved the pics, they are pretty excited to come meet soon.

So cute! I'm so jealous! As someone who had chickens while growing up, it's an awesome experience. Harvey and Zion will love them :)

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