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never thought I'd buy food with compost in mind...

... but the chickens are overwhelming our little compost pile with bucket loads of wet bedding. Less so since Dan had a brilliant idea of how to secure their waterer against burrowing and tipping (place it on a wooden block the height of their bedding so they can't dig under the thing and tip it over. What a smart guy Dan is.) but still, lots of dirty pine shavings have been heading to the compost pile as of late. So this morning I bought melon with the thought of composting the skin, plus beets with the knowledge that the stems of the greens and the skin would head in there. Plus a big tupperware of lentil salad that I left in the car by mistake after lunch at the pond, and we should now be back in balance with our compost pile out back. My, such things we need to think about these days.


The problem is that they've just been getting their bedding wet, not pooping in it. For me the eggs are just a bonus: I'm looking forward to composting all that chicken manure! To that end I'm pleased to note that they're now pooping much more than a day or two ago. Keep it up, girls!

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