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What we're doing these days:

- Watching Harvey play imaginatively: making up songs, picking up sticks to "hunt" pretend fish, and baking invisible pies whenever he gets a chance. "Mama!" he says, "I made some dough for ya!" "Thanks Harvey," I say holding out my hand. "No, it's not weady. It's cookin. In an hour."

- Watching Zion do things our elder child never did, like play with rattles, cuddle blankets, and suck his thumb... And marveling at how we got a "real baby" this time.

- Eating lots of tomatoes, green beans, collards, tomatoes, and tomatoes. And watching the chickens run around outside in pure birdy bliss.

- Zipping up pre-pregnancy jeans! And then gladly taking them off three minutes later when they're covered with spilled milk.

- Not much blogging, I'm afraid, with apologies. Seasons in parenting are short, fortunately, and we beg your indulgences for this one.

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