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Remember this outfit I made for Harvey last Easter? Well, Harvey leant it to his friend Noah for use at a wedding a few weeks ago, and Noah's mom just posted photos of the event on her blog today. I don't know why this is like the most exciting thing since radial-cut fabric, but seeing my clothes on another kid makes me feel like a real live seamstress. (I'd say "clothing designer," but I bummed someone else's pattern for the vest.)

Image does not want to load here so I'll just send you over to her site to see.

It makes me excited for next Easter and matching suits for Harvey and Zion! That is, if I survive Christmas first. Is it all crafters who start stressing about Christmas in September? Or only the insane ones?


And he had the best clothes at the wedding! Many people said so. So you are indeed a Clothing Designer-Seamstres (note capitals).

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