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mouse eviction, day 1

We know it's winter in our household when the kitchen drawers slowly begin to fill with mouse poop. And so begins our yearly ritual of transferring our household rodent population to woods of Carlisle. We deposited our first two at Foss Farm this morning.

harvey is sad at the mouse releasing

things would go better if you just did as I told you, woman!

Of course this outing is never without tears. Today it was because I refused to bring smaller cages to transfer each individual mouse from the big cage into the woods. I'm not sure how this scenario played out in Harvey's head, but clearly he needs some direct experiments in catching mice by hand.

After this brief illegal errant we took a pleasant walk around Foss Farm, with Rascal running like mad around other dogs and sometimes even obeying my commands to come back.

Zion was there too, but the only in-focus shot of him also captures my camera case. Sigh.

zion at the mouse releasing

i was there too.

The hats are last fall's project: in three months I made something like 5 hats using Drumlin Farm's undyed wool. The smallest one went to our friend Noah, but when his family moved to South Africa they gave it back. Not a lot of call for wool hats down there, apparently. As sad as I was to see a present come back to me, I'm very pleased to have two matching hats for the kids with no extra work on my part. There's even a 1-year size for next year, and Harvey's looks like it has some give.

harvey portrait at foss farm

little english looking lad

We played for a while in the horse jumping course. Harvey kept saying, "Can we stay here for a long long time?" And then when we were in the car, "Can we come here again some day?" We'll see how many mice we have, but probably the answer is Yes.

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