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"David Duchovney -- why don't you love me"

So here's good news for all those people who told me that i wasn't living up to my potential by working in retail: i am now a FLOOR SUPERVISOR at lululemon, which means i get to be all responsible for everything that goes on on the floor when i am in charge. (my dad made the joke, of course, that it's not so hard to supervise a floor; you just make sure it doesn't go about wanting to become a wall.) It also means that i have to make an effort to be more responsible looking, so out with my pigtails and mickey-mouse sweatshirts to work, as it was pointed out that while cute, i am dressing like a little child.
But upon leaving the house today, dan said that i looked very responsible. mostly i think that comes from pulling my hair back.

So today i closed the store as my first closing supervising shift, and i think i did a good job. The other eventfull thing from this evening at work was that TV's David Duchovney came into the store and bought a pair of sweatpants for himself and also a crop pant for his wife. i feared that the crop he bought for her might be too large, since he bought her a medium and his wife (cinema's Tea Leoni) is, um, like way skinny. But i didn't say nothing, because we only had mediums left, and i didn't want to insult his judgement of his own wife's size. "She's very tall" he said.

And in case anyone's wondering, David Duchovney is a very nice guy and totally funny. He sure was crackin some jokes for me today. He's been in the store before; in fact i helped him last time he came in and bought a tech top and a pair of shorts. the first time he came in, i was nervous on account of used to having a big crush on him. but this time i was more down with it, because i already met him and talked with him before.

That's all for news of the day, except to say that this morning i felt really really sick after taking a Bikram class, and i felt faint and had to lie down all day until i went to work. Berly said it was from lack of salt, and she had me eat some tato chips, and after that i felt much better.

also today, dan cleaned up our messy messy room, and i am much obliged, because the mess was getting to me, but i've been so exhausted these past few days, from feeling sick and overworked, that i didn't ever feel capable of doing straightening work. So the boy did it, and it made me much happy, and also he picked me up from work and brought me food and then got me more food when i came home. All in all, i am convinced that i have the best boyfriend in the whole entire world. Yeah, dan's the best.
So, sorry David. Perhaps it was never meant to be.


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