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a more hopeful turn of events

I lay in bed on Friday night praying about many things, mostly about my foot which had been feeling more and more stress-fracture-y as the week went on. Putting Zion to sleep these days requires walking an average of five miles a day, and my current sneakers are the same ones that suffered through the gain and loss of 50 pounds this year. Pregnancy plus refusing to drive to the library can really do a number on a person's sneakers. (By the way, is there anything more poverty pathetic than a story about getting hurt because of old sneakers? This old post comes to mind.) Anyway, I was praying about my foot and it wasn't making me feel any better so I decided to search for some different things to pray about. I went with one of my favorite fallbacks: "God, if you're willing please cancel my student loans."

I pray this half jokingly, though of course I would really like my student loans cancelled. On Sallie Mae dot com there is a loan-cancellation raffle that picks a winner each month. This is what my friend Bridget calls "a very legitimate contest" and we both pray to win. But Bridget is more morally upstanding than I, and I would be happy with a server melt-down or some other cataclysmic event that could magically wiped my loans off the face of the earth.

I'd still take a golden ticket or a useful crash of the banking system. But no less magically my father came to visit this weekend, bearing the news that my Grandmother is making an early disbursement of inheritance this year to the tune of the remainder of my student loans. Plus a nice extra chunk of change that will give us a bit of breathing room in 2012.

"But Dad!" I said, "She gave us money last year, and this is twice as much!"

"Well, you have two kids now." he said.

"Oh no," I said. "Don't encourage us."

Anyway, I'm pretty excited to be debt-free next year, I mean excluding the bottomless pit of the home mortgage and all. I'll take it as an answer to prayer. Also Dan took Harvey out for the afternoon and I miraculously got both a nap and a some time to sew. And the few hours with 35 pounds less children turned my foot problem from a major wincing limp into a minor irritation.

So there is a God in heaven after all. And come January he is totally buying me a new pair of running shoes.


Wow! That's amazing!

that is SO AWESOME! especially now since there will be one less of us praying to win that sallie mae contest ha ha ha KIDDING. Yippee

Woohooo! That's amazing news! Yay for your grandma!

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