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Biblical cuteness

I have this feeling that when Jesus was living on earth he sometimes said normal things like "that's a funny joke" or "pass the salt." Obviously no one wrote these things down because paper was expensive and they weren't, like, blogging or whatever. So we have this weird image from scripture of a man who talked really... slowly... and... meaningfully... all... the... time.

Anyway, I am trying to piece together a blog post in which I describe Harvey in the same manner. Harvey says approximately infinity words every day. He is speaking from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to bed and sometimes also in his sleep. But if he happens to say anything about God I perk up instantly and grab a pen. And then I'm left with a series of small remarks that make my child look like a spiritual prodigy rather than a person who just never stops talking.

All this is to say that the following stories are adorable, but please don't think we're like crazy fundamentalists force-feeding our two-year-old bible all the time. He talks about many other subjects, including Santa Clause and Thomas the tank engine. (I don't know why I pick these out as anti-religious examples. A subject for another post I guess.)

I think that's enough preamble. On to the biblical cuteness.


Here is Harvey's one-sentence summary of the bible, spoken as he was flipping through a copy on the coffee table:

"Now they go to sleep. Then they wake up and play. And on and on and on."


We listened to a bit of audio bible on our drive to Market Basket this week. After we were done shopping, as we were walking back to the car, Harvey suddenly got very excited about listening to it again.

"Are we going to watch the... uh... uh... the savior show?" he asked.


We sang a song in church last sunday called "Bless the Lord." As the last chorus was dying down a woman near the front yelled out, "Bless the Lord! Bless Him!" Harvey's eyes widened and he immediately called out in his loudest voice:

"Bess da 'Ord! Bess 'Im!"

Because, you know, he can't say the letter "L."

Then, because it felt so good to yell in church, he did it again.

If all 500 churchgoers hadn't turned around the first time, they turned for the second.

And I just stood there like some parenting prodigy. Yes, my child is moved to praise by the Holy Spirit ALL THE TIME my smile beamed.



contrasted with Dan, whose spriritual growth has come a long way from his days in church as a toddler, yelling out "don't sing that song! don't pray that prayer!"

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