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Mia Culpa

Yes, it's true. As dan put it in his last post, i did say in the public setting of his parent's kitchen that he only talks about the weather in the blog. I didn't mean it to be offensive, but like most things i say in public, i didn't actually think about it before i opened my mouth. I didn't mean to say that talking about the weather is bad per-say; i just meant that our lives are so uber booring and lacking of real and exciting events... oh, no, wait, i'm doing it again.

What i meant to say was that Dan loves the weather, and talking about it and thinking about it makes him happy, whereas i love the weather when it's warm and sunny, and resent it when it's snowey and wet and in my shoes. In the winter i think of the weather as targeting me personally. Like, i'll start out stressed and upset because i have to go to work and work never gives me enough time to be at the gym for as long as i like which is like five hours, so i'll be leaving the house carrying my gym clothes and my work clothes and a bag with my hair brush and face products and anouther bag with my lunch and also my sneakers and also my purse which is the size of Asia, and i already feel burdened by my worldly responsiblities, and then i step outside and instantly my feet are all wet and my hands are frozen. I suspect that it's NewEngland weather purposefully trying to push me over the edge.

Contributing to the problem is the fact that I don't have any good boots nor mittens, and i refuse to buy them myself because winter boots and thick mittens are pieces of clothing that are not cute looking yet manage to still cost money. I think that's unfair.

So Dan, i officially appologize for saying that you only talk about the weather. I only talk about being stressed out. Stressed out about my eyes and about our house and about the wedding and about my job, but always it's stressed out. And that can't make for very interesting posts on my part. So we're even.

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