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a quick knit

I'm really into vests for Zion these days. He hates having the bulk of a sweater around his wrists, but oh it's cold on that floor! The one I knit him for Christmas is a little big still, so he's been sporting two hand-me-downs store-bought versions in heavy rotation. Then on Saturday I remembered I had started a vest back when Harvey was a baby. I had abandoned it because the neck was coming out too small. All of a sudden the DUH hit me like a ton of bricks. "Why don't I finish it with buttons?" I said to myself.

Zion modeling his vest in some extreme lighting conditions

And there you go. Zion had a handmade sweater in under an hour.

I used this adult sweater as inspiration and just worked it smaller I guess. I don't really remember how I made the pattern, actually. I should start keeping a book for these things. When I took the two pieces out of the box on Saturday all I needed to do was finish a strap already in progress. Perfect for adding button holes! Then I sewed up the sides. I really should have noted it in a book, because I think I may have finished in a gauge bigger than when I started. I'm not too concerned thought. A useless waste of scrap turned into an instantly wearable sweater in just an hour, and that's worth a bit of a gauge-jog along one strap.

Zion on his tummy smiling about his new vest

The neck is a little too plunging, but I made it at a point in my life when I had more confidence in my pattern creating abilities than those abilities actually warranted. Two years later I've got a bit more sweater knitting under my belt, so I feel more confident I won't make such stupid necklines in the future.

Zion sitting modeling his new vest next to a ball of yarn

In the meantime, it's nice to have a quick knit for the baby to model.


It's beautiful! I'm still on sock #2- I got stuck and then distracted. I will e-mail you a question, as my knitting guide.

I remain impressed (and slightly intimidated) by your resourcefulness, skills and ingenuity- plunging neckline and all ;)
At least the little guy is wearing a shirt underneath the vest to avoid scandal. I think JLo wore the vest without a shirt to some awards ceremony a few years ago and caused quite a stir ;)

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