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Harvey is getting the general sense of knock knock jokes and executed his first mildly funny one the other day.

Harvey: Knock Knock.
Mama: Who's there?
Harvey: Bunny Bear.
Mama: Bunny Bear who?
Harvey: Bunny Bear POO!

Yes, I am very proud that my 2-and-a-half-year-old is already joking at a middle-school level.

Harvey is oblivious to the set up of a joke, however, so when my mother said, "Hey, I've got a joke for you. Why did the chicken cross the road?" Harvey answered very earnestly, "The chicken crossed the road because he got out of his chicken coop! But... but... Then we put him BACK into his chicken coop!"

"Well," she said. "You seem to know the whole story then."

Meanwhile, Zion has started uttering strings of "ma" rather purposefully. He'll say "mamamamamam" when he's angling for me to pick him up, and last night when I came back to bed he sighed with relief and said "mamamama" rather cheerfully. So it shouldn't be long before he's getting in on the comedy business. Or at least playing the straight man.

Or maybe Harvey's just the joker in the family. His first word was "da" for "dog."


Harvey to me, more than once the past couple days: "Can we play the knock-knock game? No? Why no?!"

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