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new camera!

I got a new camera yesterday, a FujiFilm FinePix, at the recommendation of Oona who approves of this brand of cameras and suggested one in my cheapo price range. I loved my little casio exilim but after four years it lost its ability to tell when there's actually enough light to take a picture. Thus every image was overexposed. It seems to be a normal problem with casios, says the internet, but normal does not mean easily fixable said the man at the camera store... to the tune of $160!!! So I opted for a cheaper model, with the resigned understanding that it won't live for years and years because nothing lasts anymore in this throw-away age. Still, I'm happy to be able to take photos again at only $97 poorer.

zion up close with new camera

not excited by new technology

This sort of image would have been completely blurry with my casio. It had trouble focusing at the end of its life, too. The FujiFilm seems to have a narrower depth of field, which isn't bad for the kind of pictures I'm taking, which is to say a hundred million pictures of my children per day.

harvey running on bikepath, new camera

"don't take a picture of me!!!"

I tried it out at dusk yesterday just because I was so excited to get it in the mail. We'll see what the full daylight image quality looks like. I mean, we'll all see because if I post a picture on the blog it'll be from this new camera.

Before asking Oona (which I should have done in the first place, duh) I spent a week looking at camera reviews on the internet. Dan suggested I look at the negative reviews on Amazon when considering cameras, and it turns out that's a recipe for hating capitalism. Seriously. Why would you want to buy something that broke out of the box for 6 people? Let's look at this other camera. Wait, it broke for 29 people??? WTF? Apparently 100% of cameras on the market break in the first month and are furiously hard to return. Why is everything a piece of crap? And yet so expensive?

Oh well. At least this camera works and my kids are adorable and (grudgingly) photogenic.


Glad the camera is working out so far! More pictures, more pictures! heheheh :D

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