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new camera: update

I read the camera user guide and seem to be taking more in-focus pictures now. It has a nice flash inside.

havery eating pizza, new camera flash

Even in a fast-moving game of peekaboo.

zion playing peekaboo, flash

The outside pics look a little weird to me though. Is this more of a cute baby camera and less of a landscape one? Or am I just seeing things?

dan in the woods, new camera


I think the outdoor pic is a little overexposed and undersaturated. Some cameras let you adjust your exposure relative to the automatic metering, and many camera owners find that they need to tune that setting to get their pictures to look the way they want. The saturation might also be wrapped up in a color setting on the camera. Any chance that your camera will output RAW files? There's a lot you can do just with brightness, contrast, color balance, and saturation to make your pictures come out the way you want, if you have the data directly from the camera sensor.

I agree about the outdoor pic looking overexposed and undersaturated. I can look in the online owner's manual to see if I can futz with the camera settings. But, you know, I only paid $97 for the thing. I'm amazed it takes pictures.

I actually like the look of the outdoor pic, and not only because of the cute outdoorsy model. That kind of 70s polaroid look is kind of nice, and it's all the rage these days.

I love that I'm seeing more photos of you guys. And that you can get a camera that takes good pictures for under $100. Maybe we should start a black market trade to SA. Kidding, kidding.

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