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Sweater update

So after several tears and much wet stretching, the sweater is somewhat wearable. The flare that used to be for the hip is now up at the waste, making it a somewhat unflattering babydoll-type shape that'll come in handy next time I'm pregnant. For my own vanity I won't include any of the full body shots. I'll just focus on the positive and say it's nice to have a warm sweater for holding a baby on a chilly morning.

mama holding zion and wearing her new sweater

snug and warm, both of us.

(Yes, that's the Octokaidekapus t-shirt I made for Harvey.)

And when sitting and snuggling isn't sufficiently entertaining for a 10-month-old, the bell-shaped sweater works for dancing around the kitchen too.

mama dancing in the kitchen in new sweater

feeling flouncy

Meanwhile... watch out. Mama's got a new hobby. More on that next week. Tease tease.

beginnings of a basket

dun dun dun

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