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Dread update - 3 weeks

Look how much smoother and straighter my dreads have gotten in only three weeks!

my dreads at 3 weeks

that's a morning face, isn't it?

Let's throw that day one photo up here just for reference:

dreadlocks, day 1

not trying to look high in this picture on purpose... the sun was really bright and I was squinting.

Holy shit, huh? That's a real difference.

I should probably be rolling them and maintaining them more, but I'm not, and I still like how they look. I do maintenance maybe three times a week for a half hour or so. This is a just-out-of-bed shot. I'm really into NOT styling my hair.

my dreads from the top at 3 weeks

coming along, just like those seedlings

This week I've gotten used to wearing my hair down in public. My big revelation (are you ready for this?) is that women can wear a huge range of hairstyles. Without it being a big deal. Other than a few neighbors looking askance, everything has been fine. No one's asked to see my paperwork. Strangers still tell me my kids are cute. And here I thought I was going to start a revolution just by donning a hair wrap. Silly me.

The revolution will not be accessorized.

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