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Things that make me happy to be alive in 2012

We went out to lunch with Grandma Beth today and Harvey mentioned a truck that he wanted for his birthday. The big one. From the Drumlin Farms store, he said. I explained that it was a recycle truck that's made out of recycled plastic. My mom put some part of that phrase into google and pulled up a photo on her phone. Is that it? she asked Harvey. Yes, he said. Oh look, she said, they have it on Amazon. And she ordered it while we were driving home in the car. Click, done, it'll be at her house a day before his birthday party on Saturday.

Now look, I don't want to be all ra-ra-consumer or anything, but even five years ago if you wanted to spoil your grandson you would have to drive on out to Drumlin Farm WITHOUT HIM and look at the trucks in the store, hope they had the same ones, hope you were picking out the one he wanted. And now you can just buy the dern thing without even going home to your computer. It's, it's, it boggles the mind.

Similarly, I saw a book in Marshals called "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter." It's written like a non-fiction book, filled with primary source material, but then everything around it weaves the story into a horror novel. It's not to say I've read the book or anything, it's just that skimming it for a minute made me happy that silliness still runs loose in the universe. I requested it from the library but turns out there are something like 12 holds on the first 4 copies returned. Apparently it's being turned into a major motion picture. Which, you know, makes me less enthralled with the universe but I choose to ignore it.

(Also, both babies sleeping! Thank you Grandma for a great tiring outing!)

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