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lowering local property values with fabric!

As Dan mentioned a few weeks ago I rustled up some new fabric decorations for Harvey's birthday party. It wasn't a major production. I just grabbed some pieces of scrap, cut them into strips and tied them together. I did the whole thing downstairs sitting with Harvey in front of the air conditioner. I'm into small projects these days.

birthday porch decorations

easy and festive

Dan came in several times to ask if I was suuuuuure we'd still have enough fabric to quilt with later, and things like, "That fabric? It's so pretty! Are you sure we can't use it for something else?" I've given him little evidence in the past to trust my resourcefulness, so I guess it's fair.

After it was all done and installed, though, Dan seemed to like it and added, "You should make a patchwork flag!" So next time he took the kids out to Market Basket I took him up on the idea.

patchwork flag

proudly flying for... something

Two hours total. No hems, because I want it to fray in a "funky" way dash I am sooo lazy right now. Have I mentioned I'm really tired?

Anyway, I hope the flag announces in some symbolic way that we're a hippy crafty house. But I guess anyone could tell that by the sheer volume of bikes and lumber and crap on the front porch. No wonder no one notices the flag!

outside our house

what it normally looks like around here... stroller parking


I never for a second doubted that it would be beautiful; it's just that I'm really bad at using up materials in general. Every time I make something I agonize for ages, "is this really the best use for this piece?!" Yes, even for odd lengths of 2x3. It's a curse, really. Luckily Leah doesn't listen to me and keeps on making wonderful things.

I love the flag! Though on Wednesday Dan did say I was the first one to mention it...

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