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Last night Dan and i went to church to sit vigil from 11pm -12. As per tradition, people hold vigil all night in the church in one hour shifts on this Thursday night because after the passover super everyone was sleepy and Jesus said to his buddies, Dudes, can't you just stay up ONE little hour??? Come on guys, really. You're so lame.

Dan had never gone sit vigil before because i guess it's not the kind of thing that he thinks of volunteering to do. Me, if anyone offers me any kind of a dare, even if it was over two thousand years ago and to some other people, i am so ready to be there. So we went for one hour at 11pm. You might think it would be booring sitting quietly for one hour in the church with nothing but the stripped alter and the rattling of the heating system... but actually it was so nice i wish i could go back tonight and tommorow night and the night after that.... I guess it's easier to talk to God when you're not rushing or running or driving your car simultaniously. It was really nice to be able to pray for a long time and not worry "okay, that's enough, it's time to do something else now." Which, i guess, is how i do everything.

Thankfully, the couple who was relieving us came in right on time. Dan said it would be hard not to get mad if the next people didn't come and you had to stay anouther hour, and even though it's nice to pray, you still want to go home and go to sleep and then what to you do when you're all mad in the church and you just want to sleep and what a hassle you have to work tomorrow and meanwhile Jesus is getting ready to go and die for your sins! You might feel bad.

All in all i had fun. Dan had fun too, i guess, even though he said that Jesus would be mad at him because he winked his eyes into sleep a little bit a couple of times. I guess we just have to do it again next year.

It's nice having a boyfriend who will sit silently with you for an hour in a church at 11pm. leah is lucky.

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