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Last Friday our friend Katie convinced us to go to Springs Brook Park, a man-made pond and playground which serves as the Bedford town pool. Even though it's less than five minutes from our house we'd never been before; I'd need to sell an organ to pay for the membership! Just the evening alone was $12 for our family, and that's lower than a full-day fare! But it was worth it to try once, because the boys were introduced to something they'd never seen before... a sprinkler park!!!

everyone at the sprinkler park

Our family at the sprinkler park: kids having fun, dan looking on lovingly, and me the dreaded black shadow looming in the background

Harvey ran around giggling like a maniac while Zion tested each water-spraying element, trying to figure out how each worked. It's amazing to watch my children - both so different and each so awesome.

zion at the hydrant

the budding scientist

dan and harvey dancing in the water

water dancers

The same weekend we went back to our normal pond (Walden) where the yearly pass costs only $35. Harvey and Zi both had fun playing with Eliot who is between them in age.

harvey and eliot at walden pond

Harvey and Eliot were fishing the ball with these sticks

zion playing with Eliot

Zion liked sitting in a hole that Eliot and the other boys made

Hanging onto the end of summer means swimming as many times as we can before the cold weather blows in. It means a lot of sand in the laundry though, so the end of the swimming season will be both bitter and sweet.

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