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Ready for Preschool

Dan says that since we're not sending Harvey to preschool I have to start teaching him things. Pfft. That sounds like work.

Then I looked at some preschool cariculum online and was AGHAST to find that all they do is sing, read, point out letters, make art. Why, that's all the things we do anyway!

I was delighted to see, however, that some of the curricula use flannel-boards to teach lessons. I was like, Oh yeah. Didn't I make that flannel-board over a year ago? Before I had a baby? I had planned to do some teaching on that or whatever.

So while Zion napped and Harvey played at the library with Dan (presumably READING) I cut out an introductory set of figures.

ready for preschool

There, now I'm ready to teach the first two chapters of Genesis. That'll kill like two weeks of preschool homeschooling, right?

UPDATE: Harvey loves the flannel-board, but he says he doesn't need to hear the creation story again. He wants to know where are the figures for Jesus and the disciples and the boat for Jonah.


Can we crash your homeschool preschool? The only bit of Veggie Tales I remember is the prophet Nathan saying "it's a flannel graph..." I'd like my kids to be a bit more biblically literate.

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