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wedding weekend

Zion and Harvey sitting against a cabin door wearing matching outfits

this was the spot they chose for their photograph

As Dan mentioned, we had a big weekend of wedding guesting. I went easy on myself and just made ties for the boys instead of full suits. And a gift basket for the bride & groom, which we filled with lovely jam and soaps that I failed to photograph because we're not a real crafting blog here.

Harvey raising a beer

saddle up to the bar

I mean, I just wanted to get to the partying! Thankfully the other parents at the wedding were pretty laid back and nobody called DSS on me for letting my child play with a beer bottle. That, um, had actual beer in it. That Harvey swigged before passing to his friend.

Harvey handing a beer to his new friend John

can you say "enabler"?

I swear it was only a very small amount of beer. And it was MY beer bottle, so at least it didn't carry outside germs. I mean, for my kids, not for the kid who got the sloppy seconds.

We did a lot of swimming and playing with the Ithaca Archibalds. It sure is nice to be on a beach filled with boats. On the second day Zion finally deigned to go in the kayak with me, but only if he could go naked.

Mama and naked Zion in the kayak

the cuddliest kayak partner

And the elder Archibalds went on an adventure together.

the canoe with Dan, Harvey, Nisia, and Uncle Tom

the big kids back from their long adventure

All in all a lovely weekend, though tiring. Weddings and swimming both have a way of making a lot of laundry, so in a way I'm glad fall is coming and no one else is getting married for a while.

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