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all this could be yours

Are you so envious of our hippy lifestyle that you want to take home a little piece of the squibix farm? Well now you can. Under great pressure from family and friends I've opened an Etsy shop.

soap labels

if you live locally you can just stop by and avoid shipping and handling charges

Over there you can buy things like my home-made soap. Or toddler ties. Or a bib made from a genuine chicken-feed-bag.

chicken bib

prevents against spills and pecking

That's all there is for the moment, actually. In my overall life I make a lot more things for which people tell me, "You could SELL that!" (monetary value being the dominant way to ascribe value to anything) but the fact that something could be put up for sale doesn't mean that it should be, and Etsy seems to be great at pitting artists against each other so that everyone's time ends up valued at something like $2/hour. So what we have for now is soap, ties, and bibs, and if the whole thing is a waste of time it can come down in 40 days with me only losing $4 in listing fees.

Also, the pictures of Harvey modeling ties are fairly cute. I would say, "He could be a model" but that's another example of valuing things by stating only how they could be monetized. I'd hate to fall prey to Balam's error (Balam's error being that he tried to monetize his gifts from God) but then again that's only really explained in Jude 1:11 and Jude has a lot of biblical interpretation that is a little "what the what" in relation to the rest of the bible so take it all with a pillar of salt.

So, er, check it out. This is somewhat purposefully the worst marketing pitch I have ever written. I have been out of the game a long time.


Very nice Etsy store! And great pictures! Those toddler ties are super cute...and Harvey as your model is perfect :)

A woman at school said that she would pay $10 for those long polartec toddler mittens.

Now that is worthwhile information. I'll start making em if Leah doesn't want to!

It looks awesome! Harvey and Zion look like pros in their bibs.

May people flock to it! You up cycle better than anyone I know.

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