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Some cute things my kids said yesterday

1. Set up: We are reading in the Jesus Storybook Bible the story about Jesus' baptism. Zion starts pointing to the water in the picture and whining.

Zion: Me inna water?
Me: Yeah, soon when it's warm we can go to the pond together and you can go in the water. It'll look just like the water in this book!
Zion: Me inna water DEEDEES?
Me: Oh sweetie, you want to go in the water with Jesus?
Zion: mmmhh. [indicates the affirmative]
Me: Oh baby! I'm so sad our church doesn't offer infant baptism! But when you're older and you want to give your life to Jesus you can get baptized in water like he did.
Harvey (nervous): But I'm not big enough yet.

2. Set up: in the bicycle, passing the neighbor's empty rabbit hutch.

Zion: Bunny? pet?
Me: Sorry Zion, the bunny isn't there anymore. We can't pet him.
Harvey: Derek says the bunny DIED.
Zion: No! Deedees died!
Harvey (laughing): We ALL die.

3. Set up: Apropos of nothing. (And for the record, we are not currently pregnant.)

Harvey: Zion and me are excited to get a new baby.
Me: I'm excited for a new baby too, Harvey, but you know it takes a long time -
Me: Mama and Dada still have to -
Harvey: I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW. You don't have to TELL me.


this is awesome. Especially I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW. You don't have to TELL me. that is my favorite part ;)

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